Save the Male,

As a man, being affected by mental illness isn't a sign of weakness. The 21st century throws more and more at us, that we as men are just not designed to cope with. There's too much going on, and we can't be expected to handle it all on our own. Sooner or later, you get ManDown.

In this modern world, everyone seems to be connected to everyone else through social media, yet somehow, all of these connections mean that we tend to talk 'at' each other, rather than 'to' each other. Asking for help doesn't make you any less of a man, in fact it's the exact opposite. The stereotype that 'women are emotional' and men should be the 'strong silent type' doesn't help either genders. We're all just people.

Being Silent is Not Being Strong

If You ManUp You Get ManDown,

In 2014 there were 6,109 suicides in the UK, of which 76%, or 4,623, were male, and suicide currently stands as the biggest single killer of men aged under 45 in this country. The ratio of male to female suicide has shown a sustained rise over the last 30 years. In 1981 men accounted for 62% of suicides in this country, which rose to 70% in 1988, 75% in 1995 and hit 78% in 2013. (Source: ONS)

At Brothers in Arms we want to make people aware that suicide is a gender issue; we want to challenge those social constraints preventing men from seeking help when they need it and we want to support those affected by suicide and depression.

Being Silent is Not Being Strong

We Are Brothers,

We at Brothers in Arms believe that there are social and cultural barriers that prevent men from speaking out. From feedback we’ve received, and research conducted, men often say that they don’t feel comfortable expressing how they feel if they’re having a bad time, as they are expected to be strong at all times, to ManUp and not doing so equates to weakness or failure as a man, we become ManDown.

Being Silent is Not Being Strong


Brothers in Arms will be launched as a pilot in East Dunbartonshire on the 17th June at the Milngavie Classic Car Show 2017, in response to the amount of male suicide that was happening in the local town of Kirkintilloch, inspired by The Calm Zone and Andy Man's Club and because there was nothing comparable in Scotland, we decided with the support of See Me Scotland and The East Dunbartonshire Association of Mental Health to create a powerful and effective campaign to directly reach out to men on their terms. 

Being Silent is Not Being Strong



The Brothers in Arms website will be filled with articles, stories and experiences that are there to both entertain and inform and to speak from the male point of view about being a man in today's society. Our website will also contain links and contacts for men, their partners, friends and family to find support on particular issues.

Being Silent is Not Being Strong