A Call to Arms,

We are a volunteered based charity so that all funds raised go directly to the projects we launch, we have a low-cost base and infrastructure (the office is a custom made one in the founders back garden!) but by using digital tech, films and social media are able to reach out to all parts of Scotland and both deliver support and raise awareness to #Brothers no matter where they are (our #BrotherFeelStressFree app has been downloaded from Stornaway to Dalkeith and all parts in between).

There are people every day who are born male and at some point, every one of them will ask themselves what it means to be a man in the world that we live in today. They do this because the world still defines people by their gender, but these stereotypes create expectations that stand in the way of being a human first. This can lead to the difficulties that men in Scotland's modern society have in dealing with the stresses and pressures of everyday life and finding the right coping mechanisms so that they don't have to live their lives miserably. To look at life purely through the lens of masculinity is short-sighted and naive and leads to the kind of statistics that show that 75% of all suicide is male.

Our mission at Brothers in Arms is to start the conversation and raise awareness. Through this project, we hope to address the many issues that men and boys face in the 21st Century. This is an opportunity for men to draw on the diversity of experiences they have, and through our peer group talks, events, social media and use of digital technology, decide for themselves what it means to be a man in today’s society. We want to create conversations everywhere, but especially in schools and youth organisations. We want to build a community to make a positive change. We can’t achieve this alone, but this is the beginning of something bigger. There has to be more to come, has to be more choice made available then there is at present.

None of those choices should be dictated by your gender, yet the unwritten rules make it seem that they are. These expectations have not only inflicted damage on men but also on the other people they share their lives with. Rather than looking at people as men, we ought to look at men as people. We at Brothers in Arms are ready and proud to volunteer for this mission, come and join us......

Being Silent is Not Being Strong

The Brothers and The Sisters...
Dan Proverbs, Brian McEwan, Pauline Anne Friel Garlinge, Rhys Friel, Campbell Nelson, Kieran Woods, Abigail Proverbs, Harry Robertson, Paul Thomas Bell, Martin Smith, Sean Proverbs, Graham Wilson, Duncan Christopher, Alastair Wilson, Lewis Cambell, Debbie Milne, Shona Penfold, Amanda Shand, Jen Meyers, Michael Cullen, Kevin Dolan, Duncan Cowles, Tony O'Neill, Robert Booth.

#WeAreBrothers #BrothersNeedSisters #EveryBrotherHasAMother