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We are looking to expand our free service in Scotland

BIA has always been about prevention when it comes to how we can reduce male suicide

Waiting until crisis we believe is leaving it to late

And the use of digital technology in delivering support is vital to both now and in the future, if we are going to alleviate the huge pressure on our already straining NHS services when it comes to mental health and wellbeing

So with that idea of prevention in mind and our belief that empowerment is the key to supporting and reducing something that especially in these uncertain times is becoming more prevalent

We started with a strategy of...

Empowerment of a male to self-manage and support his own mental wellbeing

Which led to...

Empowerment of a Mother, Brother or Sister in supporting a man with his mental health

And now the next stage...

Empowerment of parents and guardians of boys, 13 to 15 in using our wellbeing coaches to support both themselves and their young male youths in what can be the most difficult of periods especially when it comes to their mental health

Our Brothers-Thrive coaching team are on board, details are still to be worked out and changes to our website need to be done, but we are hoping within the next couple of months to launch

We believe this will be a vital addition to what we do and supersedes anything else we have been working on

This is as always about making Brothers thrive...

Brothers in Arms