It is a private and secure chat system that lets you talk to a coach at the touch of a button.

Why it works and is free for more than one session...

Think of your (mental-fitness) coach as if helping an injured player back to physical fitness.

They can’t simply turn up to one session as a coach, tell you what to do to get fit and then leave you to it.

It’s about continual support, checking in, stretching the talking muscles, keeping the dialogue going. Not that your sessions themselves have to be intensive, either time-wise or emotionally, but they must be maintained.

They could change your life.

And when you fall in one of life’s inevitable holes, they'll be there to support you.

Check out below some fantastic testimonials:

“Out of all the clinical support from GPs and teams I've received in the past, the support I have received through the app has by far been the best. The counselling sessions and the resources that you provide, have helped me greatly and I certainly would recommend this counselling from Thrive.”

“The counselling sessions have certainly helped me to face the issues I have experienced. They have enabled me to open up to others and seek ideas and feedback. Thank you so very much for everything you have helped me achieve this far....your support has been life-changing.”

More info here:…/brothers-thrive/

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