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A Digital Safe Space Where Men Can Engage

What is MENGAGE ?

A Safe Space For Men To Engage


You can reach out and communicate to other men on a similar journey from the comfort of your own space. Private, anonymous, confidential and free.


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A social media platform and a member-only digital safe space for men to engage, support and manage their own wellbeing and mental fitness.


A secure system to give men a way of connecting, communicating and reaching out to each other that is private, confidential, anonymous and free.


Apply for membership and receive an invitation that allows you to create your own online identity, the email address is securely encrypted for anonymity. 


As a member, you create your own profile (anonymous or not). You can find, friend and message others and send and receive private and group messages to other connections in the community.


Be empowered to better manage, support and optimize your own mental fitness with an online peer support community where you connect with other like-minded men.


Help us make this an uplifting and positive space for men to engage.



How does it work?










You will have access to...

MENGAGE - a space to engage and share stories


THRIVE - a space to discuss the BROTHERSTHRIVE app


WELLBEING - a space to discuss mental fitness


HEALTH - a space to talk about health and fitness


HAPPENINGS - find out or tell us what's happening


With access to articles, videos and podcasts that will be updated on a regular basis, along with exclusive webinars and live streaming events in the future


A Safe Space For Men To Engage

MENGAGE is a secure platform

 A secure, digital GDPR compliant community platform, you can post, share and chat without fear of data being used or shared by us or any other platforms


Emails for applying to join MENGAGE are done through ProtonMail an End-to-End Encryption email platform where messages are encrypted at all times and can not be accessed by any other parties


A Safe Space For Men To Engage

Our Community Rules

If you are thinking of applying to join please read and consider our community rules first




MENGAGE is your private and safe digital space where men can engage, explore and support their own mental fitness and wellbeing with other members of the community.


As a member of the MENGAGE Community and in order for everyone to get the best experience possible and to have a positive and uplifting safe space, please check the group rules below first, before posting or sharing anything.


✅ Be Kind. Everyone has the right to feel welcome in our community so treat others how you expect to be treated. We love a debate, but be courteous.


✅ No Hate Speech or Bullying As mentioned this is a safe space. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated and degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity is not allowed. You will be removed from the community without hesitation.


✅ No Inappropriate Posts/Comments Anything rude, obscene, sexually explicit or harmful will be deleted and the user will be removed from the community.


✅ No Promotions or Spam. This group is here to help the community with opening up on the topics mentioned above; we’re here to help. Self-promotion, spam, advertising, and irrelevant links will be deleted.


✅ Respect Everyone's Privacy We want to build a solid community that will involve mutual trust. If a sensitive topic/story is shared, respect the person and keep it within our digital safe space.


Thank you for reading, now go and MENGAGE!


 A Safe Space For Men To Engage

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