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Three separate channels that let you communicate with your own trained therapist as part of the BrothersThrive App

Private, Anonymous, Confidential and Free

For men

For those that support them

And for parents or guardians of boys from 13 upwards

A platform to help navigate today’s mental wellbeing challenges through free effective support tools, further information and education

Each channel when used lets the Live Coaching team know to focus on the subject

You can text chat with a trained therapist to talk through any stresses, worries or problems, however big or small, all at the touch of a button

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8 am to 8 pm Mon to Fri (excluding bank holidays)
Secure, private, confidential and free

To work with and help find the right direction to be moving in

To set specific goals and find alternative ways of thinking and investigate strategies that can help reduce stress and anxiety

To explore all the various factors in life, so as to help gain greater self-awareness and increase  understanding of what may be contributing to the problems they have and what is going on for them

Or simply be someone to listen if that’s what is needed...

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