The Brothers in Arms Portal

Train Your Brain And The Mind Will Follow

What does it do?

It gives quick entry to our digital well-being service


Use or download it to your phone and get tutorials and information with a link to the BrothersThrive App our NHS approved digital toolkit with access to a trained therapist

Private, Anonymous, Confidential and Free


Learn how and when to use it to start your journey to better mental fitness

Practice the self-care techniques included so you can use

CALM BREATHING -  manage your stress and anxiety

CBT PROGRAMME - train your brain

RELAXATION - improve your sleep 

SELF-SUGGESTION - train your mind

MEDITATION - maintain awareness in the present


All therapeutic digital programmes are NHS approved

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We Do Therapy For Men

Access to a Trained Therapist via the app to work with you practise your own digital self-care and make it a regular habit


You decide When

You decide Where

You decide How long

You are in Control 

Private, Anonymous, Confidential and Free

If men can get into the habit of using the service on a regular basis as a way of maintaining their mental health the same way they use keeping fit and the gym to look after their physical health


Then this will be a big step towards 'normalising' how we as men look after our own mental wellbeing


Train Your Brain and The Mind Will Follow

Share the portal with other guys in your social network so that more men in Scotland use it 


This 'one-stop' delivery system for the BrothersThrive app will allow men to practise their own digital self-care anonymously and in private


With no pressure to 'talk' about their own mental health if they don't want to

Brothers in Arms