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What users think

Hi, wanted to give an update, I’ve noticed a difference in how he is coping with his mood, the app I downloaded on his phone has helped massively both the relaxation part and CBT. Having tried different meditation and stress management techniques it's a relief that he has found something that’s been a huge help. Thanks to the team and designers of the app for my partner and all the other men it’s helped. Sarah.
I suffer from stress and anxiety and was ashamed of my situation and embarrassed to talk to friends about how I was feeling. My partner downloaded the Brothers-Thrive app onto my phone. I was sceptical about this kind of help and thought I would get better on my own. I used the app to log how I was feeling and to help manage my thoughts I’ve even tried meditating. So really what I want to say is THANK YOU. Kevin.

For Parents and Guardians

You can connect with the therapy team on how you can best support boys from 14 upwards with their emotional wellbeing, the service is private, anonymous, confidential and free

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How does it Work?

 A private and secure system that connects you to a trained therapist at the touch of a button, More information HERE


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