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Brotherly love helped put these superfit twins Alastair and Finlay Wilson on a road to recovery after they tried to take their own lives due to depression

'We are identical twin brothers with depression that has manifested itself in different ways, we want to get more people thinking and talking about it'.

When Alastair tried to kill himself, Finlay came clean and said: “Look I’ve been in the same place as you.”

We’d always had an open communication but when we were between our teens and 25, the point when we were both struggling, we didn’t seem to have the tools to communicate with each other.

We were still speaking but we couldn’t communicate.

But now we speak very openly and if I see a post on Facebook that suggests he’s having a hard day, I’ll message him or speak to him.

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Being Silent is Not Being Strong

Brother talking to Brother...

#WeAreBrothers #BeingSilentisNotBeingStrong #IfUManUpUGetManDown




Brothers in Arms