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The animated series invites the likes of D Double E and Ray BLK to discuss their own mental health struggles and share mindfulness techniques that can help boost wellbeing


Across five episodes – produced by Mother’s Best Child and TOAD – the series covers topics including trauma, grief, body image and sleep, all accompanied by personal stories from a different artist.

In episode one rapper Konan discusses the after-effects of losing his stepdad.

And episode three Krept talks about how he has faced the loss of his cousin and best friend Cadet and processed the grief of his death in a car crash.

He talks us through his grief experience and gives us all some advice on how we can handle these emotions and learn to live with loss.

As well as plenty for young people to relate to, the episodes offer some practical steps on how to feel better.

Ray BLK is on hand to guide watchers through mindful breathing in times of stress or anxiety.

While D Double E shares how to get a good night’s kip – with a sleep meditation guided by his incredibly soothing voice.

Each episode is available to watch on All 4 and is accompanied by animation that creates an engaging but not distracting, backdrop to the artists’ voices.

The series comes hot on the heels of ITV’s ongoing Britain Get Talking campaign, and at a time when many of us are experiencing mental health challenges as a direct result of lockdown and the ongoing pandemic – making these kinds of opportunities for people to speak candidly about their own struggles particularly welcome.

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