How To Use Blethr

Think of Blethr as a digital buddy who's always there for you, ready to listen. It's like that friend who doesn't judge, doesn't interrupt, but just lets you vent about anything and everything. Imagine having a conversation where you can be your authentic self, no filters needed. Using Blethr is easy. It asks questions and you answer with whatever comes to mind first—no need to overthink or worry about sounding 'right'.

Wee Blethr

With Wee Blethr, you will have a 7-minute chat where it asks for a mental picture of how you're feeling, just imagine something that fits your mood. If you're chilled out, maybe it's a calm blue sky; if things are rough, maybe it's more like a stormy sea.

Deep Blethr

With Deep Blethr, you will have a 20-minute chat because the whole point is to let the conversation flow naturally so that by the end of it all, not only do you feel heard but also understood—kinda like having an enlightening chat over coffee with your best mate.

Blethr Journal

Think of the Blethr Journal as your personal online diary. It helps you understand your feelings better and track how you're doing over time. It's a private, judgment-free zone to express yourself and gain insights into your mental wellbeing journey.

Blethr is free for anyone to talk to, so please share Blethr with anyone who might like to speak whenever about whatever is on their mind. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit

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