75% of all suicide is male

It is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK right now, that's 12 a day. 84 a week. Let that sink in for a minute...

Left Behind : A Partner's story

Our mission is to reduce male suicide in Scotland by giving men the tools to do just that, we call it 'Prevention through Self-Management', help us to help them, help themselves.

For now and especially in these uncertain times ahead, the chances that men will take their own lives are going to increase.


And for many Mothers, Sisters, Partners, their Family and Friends when it happens they will have not seen it coming because as men we hide it so well.


Get involved so that we can continue to be there for both men in Scotland and those that support them so that the males in your lives do not become another statistic.


Please donate what you can, it costs £18 for each man to have free access to both our Brothers-Thrive app and the Live Coaching Programme.


Thank you.

Why we believe in a strategy of 'Prevention through self-management'...

... because waiting until a man reaches crisis before he gets help is like throwing a lifebuoy ring into the water when already drowning.


Our mission is to reduce the suicide rate in Scotland by providing the digital tools to do just that underpinned with our groundbreaking Live Coaching Programme.


It enables if needed, men to have access to their own fully trained mental-fitness coach to work with them on a personalised plan to further support and self manage their own mental health for as many sessions as needed.


All for free.

Brothers in Arms