Fundraise For Us

There are many ways to fund-raise for brothers in arms.

Please contact us if you are arranging a fundraising page or event for us. Once you have collected your funds you can send them directly to our bank account.

Brothers in Arms, 

Account: 19620865,

Sort: 80-22-60

Our official details.

Brothers in arms is a registered charity: SCO 48089 
Registered office Brothers in Arms C/O Senscot Legal, 1st Floor, 24 George Square, Glasgow, G2 1EG

We can also supply you at no cost if you are fundraising for us our T-Shirts (see below) which can be customised with your name or in memory of.


Here’s a round-up of a range of the low cost or no cost online giving platforms available, what they offer, their costs, and how they manage to keep their expenses low, or non-existent.

JustGiving is a fantastic platform that has been used by many to support us.

Everything you need to know about setting up, editing and sharing your JustGiving page.HERE

You can make a difference. Raise money for charity and personal causes. 0% platform fee

gofundme  Is focused on peer-to-peer crowdfunding and has no platform fee. Its payment processor fees of 2.5% plus 20p per donation still applies and relies on voluntary tips from donors to generate income.


How GoFundMe Works HERE 

GoFundMe is the best place to fundraise, whether you’re an individual, group or organisation.


They said:

We made this move because we think more money should get to the causes people choose to support, it’s as simple as that. GoFundMe is growing rapidly in the UK and we think that people will recognise our best in class security processes, customer support and commitment to giving people across the UK an easy, accessible, and great value way of helping other people.


Golden Giving

For donors or fundraisers, there are no charges with Golden Giving, which supports registered and unregistered charities. Charities and social enterprises that use Golden Giving are charged for online payments only. Other tools are provided for free. It says that for a debit card donation, it charges a platform fee of 1.75% and 0.35%+0.07p card processing fee. This works out to a total of 2.11%+0.07p This works out as 70p for a typical donation of £30 and 28p for one of £10. About us HERE


They said:


We are a charity and do not include a profit margin on our fees. We do not have the same business functions that profit-making companies, such as GoFundMe and JustGiving, have to justify their fees. We are also supported by commercial providers, who offer their services at cost or at a reduced rate. For example, the low card-processing fee we can offer is because our card processing partners (AcceptCards and AIB Merchant Services) align with our charitable purpose.

The Kiltwalk is the lowest cost platform to raise funds for what you care about. You can raise funds for the charity of your choice and 140% of what you raise goes where it is needed most. We started out putting our best feet forward and have grown to support all kinds of charities from all over Scotland, by giving Your Charity 140%, when Kiltwalkers always give their all, and thanks to the support of The Hunter Foundation, all of your fundraising will be topped up by 40%.

learn more HERE


See our range of fundraising T-shirts HERE  they are on us, let us know your size, male or female and an address and we will get them off to you by emailing us at: 

and if you want your name or in memory of on the back, add that in the email because we can do that too.

Brothers in Arms