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The UK's first male mental health centre has opened.

Suicide is the biggest killer of young men and the Eaton Foundation will help tackle that bleak fact.
The site has been set up in Burton upon Trent by Alex Eaton after his dad died.
Alex and his father both had mental health problems.

Male Mental Health and Wellbeing Centre: The 'Before' Tour 2015

"We are the only one in the country and we are really proud of that," he said.
"I think it [male mental health] is a huge problem.
"It's like society puts on you as a man that you have to be strong. You have to fight through your problems. You can't be seen to be weak.
"When you have got mental health problems it's not that easy.
"When it seems you haven't got anybody to talk to... the problem obviously gets worse and worse. Negative things can come from it."

Alex told us that he hopes the centre will prevent male suicide.

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