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As we strive to raise awareness about male mental health at Brothers in Arms, we believe it's crucial to shine a light on the often overlooked experiences of men. One such experience is dealing with the grief of miscarriage - an event that can profoundly affect both women and men alike.

An enlightening article published by The Guardian titled "Men and Miscarriage: How Fathers Are Learning to Deal with the Grief of Loss" delves into this issue. It shares personal stories from men who have experienced this type of loss, offering a valuable perspective that needs further attention.

The Silent Suffering

The grief that follows a miscarriage is not exclusive to mothers. Fathers too experience profound sadness and loss. However, their grief often remains unexpressed due to societal expectations surrounding masculinity and strength.

As Steve Bloomfield's own story shows, many men feel they must remain strong for their partners during such times, suppressing their own emotions in the process. This silent suffering can lead to mental health issues if left unaddressed.

A Need for Support

The article also highlights the need for support systems specifically tailored for fathers dealing with miscarriage. Just as women have access to resources like counseling services or support groups after experiencing a miscarriage, similar facilities should be available for men as well.

This is where Brothers in Arms steps in - providing information, education, and access to free digital therapy aimed at empowering men towards self-managing their mental wellbeing.

A Step Towards Change

Including discussions around experiences like miscarriages within our mission is essential because it helps break down stereotypes about male emotional resilience while promoting open dialogue around male mental health issues.

By acknowledging and addressing the emotional impact of miscarriage on men, we can contribute to a more inclusive understanding of mental health, ultimately helping to reduce the alarming statistics around male suicide.

Join Us in Our Mission

We invite you to join us in our mission at Brothers in Arms. By sharing articles like this one and engaging in conversations about these issues, you can help us raise awareness about male mental health and promote a culture where men feel comfortable seeking support when they need it.

Let's work together towards prevention through self-management because every man deserves the right to mental wellbeing. 

Read Steve Bloomfield's personal story via this link, ‘I was grieving but couldn’t admit it’: why men cope so badly with miscarriage'

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