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Why do people lie to their therapists?

Many sit in therapy, ready to discuss their deepest thoughts but end up holding back or telling half-truths. This habit can lead to bad advice and hinder progress.

What if there was another way to seek mental health support? What if you could share your realities without fear of judgment?

Generative AI might offer a solution.

Lance Eliot, in an article on Forbes, examines the trend of people lying to their human therapists but being truthful with AI when seeking mental health advice. Studies reveal that 93% of therapy clients have lied to their therapists. Whether to avoid judgment, shame, or discomfort, these lies create a barrier to effective therapy.

A study published in Counseling Psychology Quarterly found clients lie about various issues. These include missing sessions and their feelings toward their therapist. This dishonesty affects the therapeutic process and outcomes.

Interactions with generative AI like ChatGPT show different behaviour. People tend to be more honest, feeling less judged and more anonymous. Generative AI provides instant, personalized responses without emotions or biases.

Eliot's article suggests that although AI lacks formal certification, the sense of anonymity and perceived non-judgment encourage users to be honest. This dynamic could transform mental health support.

At Brothers in Arms, this insight is crucial. Our mission to prevent male suicide through self-management and technology aligns with this trend. Our digital buddy, Blethr, provides non-judgmental support. This tech-driven approach might encourage honesty and lead to better mental health interventions.

For more insights, read Lance Eliot's article on Forbes: "Lying To Your Therapist Is Being Superseded By Telling The Truth To Generative AI."

At Brothers in Arms, we work to prevent male suicide. Our principle is "Prevention through self-management." We equip men with mental well-being tools and leverage technology for prevention. Our mission aims to transform male mental health. We also run Blethr, a free non-judgmental, always-available digital buddy.

Lance Eliot, Forbes: "Lying To Your Therapist Is Being Superseded By Telling The Truth To Generative AI"
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