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On Saturday the 10th of August we were lucky enough to be the nominated charity that was supported by GetPsyched and Future Fitness in The 1 Million Kilogram Charity Lift organised by them to both fundraise for us.

more importantly it was to talk about all things men and mental health, especially from the point of view of those males who use the gym not only from a point of view of physical fitness but also as a way of supporting their own mental -fitness, which we at BIA advocate in our own support services, especially with the just-launched 'Live Coaching' programme, as a strategy of  'prevention through self-management' rather then the current 'waiting until they are drowning and throwing a lifebuoy ring in after them' one.

This is going to be essential as a way of reducing the jaw-dropping male suicide statistics that Fraser from GetPsyched so eloquently puts in his short talk about male mental health.

It was a fantastic day with people turning out to not only join in to reach the target ( which they smashed by the afternoon) but also to support, engage and talk about the subject matter, which for many can be a difficult one to do.

Truly a 'Safe Space was created by the organisers

Please watch the video of the day and especially Fraser Smith's talk about the suicide statistics for men in the UK and the rising pressure of body image on young males in today's society.