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WHY BROTHERS IN ARMS? because as a man you need to let others, including yourself, be mankind...

Whenever doing a talk or event about what we do and why we do it, the same question is nearly always raised or implied, 'What's in it for you?' and the statement below ( number 6) pretty much sums it up for me personally, mistakes and bad decisions you made in the past, shouldn't define you and certainly the bad decisions of others that you couldn't control or influence at the time, shouldn't be your guilt that you carry for years, it should be theirs.

We live in a pretty judgemental society just now, with social media especially, allowing people to sit on their own personal high horses to give pronouncements, nearly always negative, on the actions of others.

You should be able to forgive yourself, be allowed to stumble, and to look in the mirror and say 'I'm trying my best'...


From your absent father to your wayward friend, to your own fucked-up self. People can change. Mistakes can be redeemed. Maybe not for the real monsters out there, but for most normal men who’ve been the drunken asshole in the past. If you have a history it can be hard to look at yourself and see anything good sometimes. But it is there, and if you breathe oxygen onto that ember of good in you, it can catch fire.

Too often men are destroyed by life mistakes, where the pain eats out their insides till they’re just a shell. This is Toxic teaching. Men aren’t allowed to make mistakes, to have been weak, to have stumbled and fallen. Men are supposed to be winners. If you’re not, you’re nothing. Well, it isn’t true. Life is one grand stumble forward, and it’s about how you often you can get back to your feet. Nobody benefits if you stay on your knees''.
#BeManKind #BrothersNeedSisters #WeAreBrothers #EveryBrotherHasAMother

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Brothers in Arms