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Last night we received a message from Kellie McCann

''Today we have donated over £3000 to your charity in loving memory of my brother Daniel O'Rourke who sadly took his own life last month.
I hope it goes some way to helping others who are struggling the way he clearly was''

For us, every day is men's day

Every penny of that donation will go towards keeping our digital services free to men in Scotland so that they can have access to 'Prevention through Self-Management' support

And we have been working hard with Thrive our digital partner to make sure that everybody who has donated or is currently fundraising knows that we are in the best place possible to make sure that they are available through these uncertain times but also well into the future

We have doubled availability to our Wellbeing Coaching team and increased the capacity for our app to be available throughout Scotland

We are preparing not only for now but also for what may be ahead

Please don't wait for crisis, that's not what we are about, get in there now, work on yourself as you would in your home gym during lockdown

That's how we will change things, and if you know a man, whether you think he needs it or not, share our link

You have nothing to lose, but he has...

Brothers in Arms