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Dundee is Scotland's suicide capital, 75% of UK suicides are male... 

No place should be awarded the title of 'Suicide Capital' - that is enough to tell you this is more than a problem, but an epidemic. I wrote and directed this film because Dundee, my hometown, needs to wake up.

If you've not been affected by suicide, your neighbour has. If he's not been affected by suicide, you're dentist has. If she's not been affected, her best friend has. This film is for Dundee, for the families left behind, for my brother, for anyone who thinks they can't take another breath without pain.

In making this film I hope that we can not only open our eyes to what is going on but finally act. Dundee, wake up.

Our brothers and sons and best friends are dying. It's not enough to hashtag Be Kind. There is no longer time to simply retweet "it's okay not to be okay".

We cannot wait for someone else to come along, we must fix this ourselves. This is a mental health issue affecting boys and men, young and old. Depression doesn't discriminate.

Thank you to all the boys and men of Dundee who feature in this film. Thank you to the many businesses of Dundee that welcomed me so kindly.

Thank you to Sil and Iona, to Stephen for doing this topic justice, and performing the piece exactly the way I imagined when writing it all those months ago.

To the boys and men of Dundee and to those who read from further afar: please let this film show you that you are not on your own. Call Samaritans on 116 123 anytime. Speak to your best friend. Go for a run. Scream at the top of your lungs.

Listen to your favourite song as loud as physically possible, again and again, and again. Write it down. Message me, your brother or sister, someone you barely know.

Please know that just like you, boys all around are experiencing the same pain. Please remember you are more powerful than you know.

Please, Mind Yersel x

Performed by Stephen McMillan
Writer/Director - Bonnie MacRae
DoP- Sil Derkx
Producer - Iona Morrison
Edit - Sil Derkx, Bonnie MacRae

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