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10 Warning Signs That Could Be Early Depression

Another well-informed video from Fraser Smith and his Get Psyched video channel and website 

This time he looks at identifying early signs of depression which for both men and those that support them, could be especially significant and helpful because we tend to wait far too long (and this goes along with many other medical situations such as prostate cancer) with seeking support and help in the early day's of stress and anxiety by either ignoring the situation or using other coping mechanisms such as alcohol to evade or ignore the signs

As Fraser states,

''Identifying early signs of depression is vital if we want to overcome early depression. Overcoming depression is only possible when we are able to identify signs of depression, but even more possible when we spot early signs of depression.

In this week's video from GetPsyched, we look at the top 10 signs of early depression. We look at some well-known signs of depression and some signs of early depression that are not as well known.''

It is vital to recognise as early as possible these signs so that as men we practise prevention rather than wait for crisis...

About Fraser Smith.

Fraser established GetPsyched in 2017, and since then has become an international speaker, keynote speaker for the British Psychological Society and a published academic author.

Fraser currently works as a trainee counselling psychologist for First Psychology in Scotland, and a seminar tutor of undergraduate psychology students at Glasgow Caledonian University, where he is also completing his doctoral studies.

visit the website for more info here -

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