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A collection of podcasts about all things men and mental health.

XY is a show about mental health in men. Through a series of interviews with chart topping musicians, actors, models, directors and influencers (to name a few) we'll discuss why men have such a problem when it comes to their mental health and try to get listeners to feel more open themselves.
Rebel City Podcast #19 - Gary Faulds is a Scottish comedian who has been open about his personal struggle with anxiety and runs a support group for men, In this episode we go deep with Gary and shared a lot of our own experiences growing up and in adult life that has atributed to our own anxiety.
Speak Your Strength - The Mental Health Podcast, about the host: Paul lost his Dad to suicide in 2009. Shortly after he fell into depression himself and also suffered with anxiety. Throughout the last 9 years Paul has been on a journey to better himself, and now documents that journey for you to follow.