Transforming Male Mental Health: The Brothers in Arms Training Programme

Reaching In Conversations: A training day with Gary Goldie and Brothers in Arms.

Acknowledging the urgency of male mental health and suicide prevention, Brothers in Arms introduces its training programme. Designed to equip individuals across various sectors - corporate, charity, education - with the knowledge and skills to address male mental health issues proactively. Our training is not just for those struggling with mental health issues, but also for those who find themselves navigating tough conversations about mental health at home or in the workplace.

The content of our programme has been validated by Strathclyde University and developed collaboratively with the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit (Police Scotland), and the award-winning Rebel Rebel Barbers.

Reaching Out By Reaching In

We are pioneering a new approach to male mental health outreach that centres on proactive engagement. Instead of waiting for individuals to ask for help - often a significant barrier - we’re reaching in. This shift underscores the collective responsibility we all bear towards supporting each other's wellbeing.

This initiative facilitates meaningful conversations that could potentially save lives. It’s proof that by stepping outside traditional paradigms and integrating strategies into communities and organisations, we can make significant progress.

Empathy at Work

This project is a testament to empathy at work – an affirmation that sometimes one conversation can make all the difference. As part of this initiative, participants will be shown how to access our portal packed with educational resources aimed at supporting men’s self-management of their own wellbeing by utilising technology they are comfortable with such as our digital therapy service Blethr.

Training Highlights

An analysis of bystander theory & 'assistance theory' which forms our training foundation.

A deep dive into Scotland’s male suicide statistics & their impact on society.

Techniques to initiate 'reach-in' conversations with anyone.

Various intervention methods and support systems.

Identifying actions following a crisis disclosure.

The role of alcohol and drugs on cognitive function and behaviour.

Developing a reflective practice tool for self-care

Honing listening and responding skills

Our training also includes a short quiz to ensure the key learning objectives are understood and retained. We are currently in talks with or have successfully delivered this programme to organisations like Barclays, Edrington Group, Glasgow College, West Lothian College, Scottish Young Lawyers Association, among others.

Contact Us

To find out how our training might be adapted to meet your team's specific needs or initiate an exploratory conversation with us, please email us today. Together we can make a difference in male mental health one conversation at a time.


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