A 21st Century Charity For The 21st Century Man, we are based in Scotland

Our main mission is to reduce male suicide, we want to change the statistics that show 75% of all suicide is male and the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45

Brothers in Arms believes that using technology is the key to reducing those statistics and our strategy is to invest in digital tools that men can use to support their mental wellbeing as well as funding research and development into how that technology can be best used by men and those who support them

We create awareness and provide free support when they want it, not when they need it.

We are a self-referring platform where you can access our free services without going to a GP or feel under any pressure to talk if you don't want to

(Please note, we are not a crisis service. If you are experiencing thoughts of harming yourself or taking your own life, please contact your GP or the Samaritans immediately on 116 123.)

 We empower men to support and self-manage their own mental wellbeing by using our free digital tools and free access to digital therapy.

Everything on the Brothers in Arms website is curated to inform, educate, and support male mental health from the comfort of your own space and is private, anonymous, confidential, and free.

Where does the fundraising go?

A charity that is changing the way we support men.

We are self-funded and many donations are from those affected by male suicide

These funds can come with huge emotional effort and it is important we use them as effectively as possible

We are an efficient operation keeping costs to a minimum so funds raised go to men in Scotland to support and manage their own mental fitness.

That is why we are volunteer-based and use digital technology.



By letting men take control of their mental wellbeing and not waiting until crisis because suicide is not inevitable, it is preventable.

Why 'Prevention through self-management'...

... because waiting until a man reaches crisis before getting help is like throwing a lifebuoy ring into the water when he's already drowning.

We wanted to challenge the idea that therapy and wellbeing support for males was a non-starter by letting them feel comfortable using it in their own space, in their own time, on their terms

First discussed as a project in 2017 the feedback was 'you will never get men in Scotland to discuss or engage with their mental health and wellbeing'

We decided to flip this, instead of expecting men to talk, we give them the technology they can use and interact with anonymously, when, where, and for as long as they want so that they are in control

An autonomous and self-referring digital platform giving access to digital tools and therapy that is private, anonymous, confidential, and free

We empower men to self-manage and support their mental fitness and wellbeing

Proof of concept

Over 2000 men are currently using our digital therapy in addition to 3000 users of the digital support content in the app

Every male 18 plus visiting the website has free access to the Blethr app so that they can self-manage their mental wellbeing

Call it a project, call it a charity, but we believe we can take it further, are you with us?


Brothers in Arms